What Happened To The International Hotel In Las Vegas: 2024 Update

What Happened To The International Hotel In Las Vegas

What Happened To The International Hotel In Las Vegas? Las Vegas, a city built on reinvention, constantly sheds its skin, transforming yesterday’s landmarks into today’s tourist traps. One such transformation is the story of the International Hotel, a name that once echoed through the halls of Vegas history. But what exactly happened to this once-grand establishment? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the fascinating journey of the International Hotel.

A Star is Born: The International Hotel Opens its Doors

In 1969, the International Hotel burst onto the Las Vegas scene, a beacon of luxury and extravagance. Back then, I was a wide-eyed youngster, but stories of its grand opening filtered through our small Nevada town. This wasn’t your average hotel; it was the largest hotel in the world at the time, boasting a whopping 1,500 rooms. Headliners like Barbra Streisand and, most notably, Elvis Presley, who performed a record-breaking 58 sold-out shows there, solidified the International’s place as a must-visit destination.

Elvis Takes the Stage: A Residency for the King

As a teenager, sneaking into Elvis‘ shows at the International was a rebellious dream. Everyone knew about his residency – it was the talk of the town. The International became synonymous with the King, and his electrifying performances cemented the hotel’s reputation as a haven for entertainment royalty.

A Change of Hands: The Hilton Era

By 1970, the International underwent its first major transformation. The ownership switched hands, and the hotel was rebranded as the Las Vegas Hilton. While the name changed, the spirit of extravagance remained. The Hilton era saw the addition of new towers and amenities, solidifying the Las Vegas Hilton’s place as a premier resort destination.

Trials and Tribulations: The Later Years of the Las Vegas Hilton

The following decades brought a series of challenges for the Las Vegas Hilton. The 1981 MGM Grand fire, another iconic Las Vegas hotel, cast a long shadow, and a 1991 arson incident at the Hilton itself unfortunately took lives. Economic downturns also impacted the hotel’s fortunes.

A Brush with History: The Navy Tailhook Scandal

Another event forever etched in the Las Vegas Hilton’s history was the infamous Navy Tailhook scandal in 1991. While not directly related to the hotel’s operations, it undeniably tarnished its image for a period.

What Happened To The International Hotel In Las Vegas

From Hilton to LVH and Beyond: The Final Acts

The new millennium brought further changes. In 2011, the Hilton name was dropped, and the hotel became the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Unfortunately, financial difficulties persisted, leading to foreclosure and a change in ownership in 2014.

Westgate Takes the Stage: A New Chapter Begins

Finally, in 2014, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino found a new owner – Westgate Resorts. The iconic property underwent extensive renovations, emerging as the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino we know today. While the name has changed, the echoes of the International Hotel and the Las Vegas Hilton still resonate within its walls.

A Legacy Lives On: The International Hotel’s Enduring Impact

Though the International Hotel by name no longer exists, its legacy remains deeply woven into the fabric of Las Vegas history. It played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s entertainment scene, witnessed iconic performances, and housed countless memories. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino carries the torch forward, offering a modern interpretation of the original hotel’s grandeur.

Beyond the International: A Look at Las Vegas’ Evolving Landscape

Las Vegas thrives on reinvention. The story of the International Hotel is just one example of how the city constantly transforms itself. New resorts rise, old landmarks adapt, and the entertainment scene keeps evolving. This constant change is precisely what keeps Las Vegas exciting, ensuring there’s always something new to discover for visitors, even for those who remember the days of the International Hotel.

Conclusion: A City in Flux

The next time you visit Las Vegas and stroll through the halls of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, take a moment to appreciate the rich history that lies beneath its modern facade. The International Hotel might be gone, but its legacy lives on, a testament to Las Vegas’ enduring power to transform and reinvent itself.

What Happened To The International Hotel In Las Vegas

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