Dubai’s Burj Al Arab : Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Dubai's Burj Al Arab

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. In addition to this, it is the most oversized artificial island that has ever been created anywhere around the globe. If you anticipate soon traveling to Dubai, it would be good to know everything about this famous hotel and why so many tourists visit it every year. But despite its five-star rating, it’s also surprisingly affordable to stay at, as it comes with many complimentary amenities you won’t get at other hotels. Here are all the essential facts about Burj Al Arab, Dubai.


The History

The building’s architectural plans were completed in 1990, and construction began three years later. Construction took five years and $1.5 billion to finish, with more than 3,300 workers employed on-site. The final preparations for opening took an additional year. When it opened in 1999, Burj Al Arab was described as the most luxurious hotel in the world.


Why is Burj Al Arab famous?

It’s not just because it’s one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks; it’s also one of its most expensive hotels. With rooms starting at a cool $1,638 per night (although they can go up to $40,000 per night), you do not doubt that you are in a place for royalty. Located on Jumeirah Beach Road in Umm Suqeim in Dubai, UAE, and standing at 321 meters high with 203 floors, Burj Al Arab is an architectural masterpiece considered by many as one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Asia and across the world.


Who is the owner of Burj Al Arab?

The owner of Burj Al Arab is Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum. The Sheikh inherited his fortune from his father, a prominent businessman. But what many don’t know about him is that he gave up all claims to power to have enough time to run his sizeable financial empire and manage it well. Giving up all his duties made him go down in history as a philanthropist billionaire and very different from other monarchs and rulers, which is precisely why so many people admire him even more.

Dubai's Burj Al Arab


Is the Burj Al Arab a 7-star hotel?

The Burj Al Arab is a 7-star hotel, but it’s not a traditional one. According to its Wikipedia page, there are no rooms on any of its floors—only suites! The hotel has 160 stories, and it was created in 1999. It was built as a residential project on top of an artificial island.


What Kind of Cuisine is Served?

The easiest way to think about what kind of cuisine is served at Burj Al Arab is by considering whether you can get fine dining there. The answer is yes because only one restaurant—Zenzi—is available in all four categories (in a sense, it makes Zenzi four restaurants in one). Overlooking a beautiful beachfront with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views, Zenzi has become famous for serving some of Dubai’s finest Japanese cuisine and sushi rolls. If you’re interested in casual fare, two additional restaurants are available that serve Middle Eastern favorites like grilled meats and fresh seafood.


What Should I Wear?

Generally, you want to avoid cotton when visiting Burj Al Arab. The hotel is almost always air-conditioned, which makes for a chilly environment. Pack clothing made from natural fabrics like silk and wool. These materials will allow your body heat to escape, which will keep you from sweating. It’s important not to overdress as you don’t want anything sticking or holding onto moisture once you are inside—you’ll sweat more as a result.


What Rooms Are Available?

Located on an artificial island, there are 600 rooms available at Burj Al Arab. Each room comes with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of the Persian Gulf. However, for truly unique ideas, you might want to book a few different rooms to see which vantage point is your favorite. Rooms at Burj Al Arab start at $1,500 per night.


How Much Does it Cost?

One of the fascinating things about Burj Al Arab is its price. Its rooms are a premium and can go up as high as $30,000 per night. The standard cost is $1,500 a night in peak season, while off-peak seasons bring that rate down to $900 per night. Even with discounts and special packages available, it’s one of—if not—the most expensive hotels in all of Dubai (and for a good reason). Whether you want a rooftop suite or an oceanfront room on one of its lower floors, having access to what some would consider paradise comes at a cost. It’s worth every penny, though.

Dubai's Burj Al Arab


What Activities are Offered?

Atop its iconic shape, Burj Al Arab offers a selection of top-notch facilities and services: Relax in your spacious room; swim laps in two pools, or relax poolside while you sip on something cold; play tennis on one of seven indoor/outdoor courts; work out in an air-conditioned gym with state-of-the-art equipment and a fantastic view; dine at one of three restaurants and four bars. Guests looking for other activities will also have no trouble finding them nearby. If you don’t want to leave Dubai at all, that’s fine—you can enjoy everything from shopping (Burj Al Arab has its mall) to beaching (right across from Jumeirah Beach).


Can you visit Burj Al Arab hotel without staying there?


A tour is the only way to go there. There are several options: you can rent a hotel room, or if you are staying at another hotel, then purchase their time of Burj al Arab. It is also possible to book tours that include dinner at its restaurant. Plan on staying at one of Dubai’s hotels. You can buy a package consisting of an overnight stay, dinner at Burj al Arab, admission tickets for all four towers at Atlantis, The Palm, and access to Aquaventure Waterpark and Wild Wadi Waterpark. Several other hotels offer packages for guests who want to lodge but don’t require accommodation, so take your pick depending on your budget.


How many rooms does Burj Al Arab have?

Located on an artificial island just off of Jumeirah Beach, The Tower houses 202 spacious rooms, suites, and duplexes. With a unique design and a private elevator that goes directly from your car into your room, you’ll be amazed at how well-designed each room is. All you have to do is relax on one of the comfortable loungers by the outdoor pool at Burj Al Arab or step out onto your private balcony to see beautiful palm trees or a picture-perfect view of the city. For an unforgettable experience that combines luxury with style, book a stay at Dubai’s iconic tower: Burj Al Arab.

Dubai's Burj Al Arab



Thinking about visiting Dubai but not sure where to stay? In-depth: Everything You Need To Know About Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. This post will outline all you need to know about one of Abu Dhabi’s most luxurious hotels and everything you need while staying there. From history to famous guests, check out how it stacks up against other luxury hotels. At its height, it was considered one of the world’s first super-towers. When completed in December 1999 after three years of construction and a cost of $1 billion, it stood at an impressive 321 meters (1052 feet) tall—making it one of the tallest buildings in all of Abu Dhabi and the third tallest in all of UAE at that time.

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