10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas For Your Spouse

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas. A wedding anniversary is not just an excuse to celebrate the day you said I do; it’s also a reminder of the commitment you made to each other in front of all your family and friends and the fact that you’ve spent ten years together as husband and wife. For many people, this is the longest time they have ever been with one person, so 10th wedding anniversary jewelry can be given as a token of appreciation for sticking it out through thick and thin all these years. Here are 10-year wedding anniversary jewelry ideas to consider when it comes time to present your wife or husband with an anniversary gift they’ll cherish forever.


01. 20-carat diamond ring

A wedding anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate the 10-year milestone with a luxury jewelry item. However, selecting the right anniversary piece can be difficult when you have various options at your disposal. Consider giving your spouse a 20-carat diamond ring for your ten-year wedding anniversary if you want to give them an impressive presentation that will make an impression.

20-carat diamond rings are so beautiful and will make her feel truly loved. You may even want to purchase two 20-carat diamond rings- one as an engagement ring and one as a 10th-anniversary ring! That way, she will always know how much you love her and cherish their marriage.

In addition, if you plan on presenting your partner with such an extravagant gift, ensure you set aside enough money for proper maintenance to keep it safe from damage over time.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


02. Tungsten gold plated custom rings

Wedding rings symbolize your lifetime commitment to your spouse. When considering tungsten gold plated custom rings for your 10 year wedding anniversary, You need something that will last a lifetime, like tungsten rings. With a high melting point and scratch-resistant properties, tungsten is nearly indestructible and will stay shiny for years.

Gold plated custom Tungsten rings are elegant and timeless with their intricate design that highlights the natural ruggedness of this metal with its natural richness in contrast to other jewelry choices. There are many customizable options, including polished or brushed finish, different widths of ring bands from 2mm-5mm, various shapes from round to oval or marquise shape stones, and more! You can even engrave an inscription inside the bar, like Together Forever on one side and Happy Anniversary on the other side of the ring band.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


03. Engraved wedding bands

Finding a gift that will truly show how much you love your spouse can be challenging, but fortunately, there are many options! Engraved wedding bands make for a special anniversary gift because they symbolize how much you care and allow couples to share their love story continuously.

The unique wedding band is the Halo Engagement Ring, which sits on top of your partner’s existing engagement ring, representing eternity, infinity, and never-ending love. You can get these rings in all kinds of metals, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and many others. Prices range from $295 – $450 depending on the metal selected.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


04. Custom anniversary rings

Do you have a 10-year anniversary coming up? It’s time to buy your spouse a special gift! If they love jewelry, then consider getting them a custom anniversary ring. Remember what your spouse likes when looking for the perfect piece of 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry. Some rings are more simple and more elegant, while others have diamonds in an intricate design.

The amount of money you spend on this piece is also essential. Prices range from about $400 to $3,000 or even more. Custom 10th wedding anniversary jewelry is the perfect gift for any spouse who appreciates fine jewelry! Many beautiful options are available no matter what budget you’re working with. A custom anniversary ring makes a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection because it represents something meaningful – their relationship with their spouse.

Always add any customized engravings, such as their initials or “I Love You,” and choose a design that appeals to you. These custom anniversary rings can be worn daily and on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Mention the significance of 10 years together: You’ll celebrate 15 years together in another five years!

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


05. Scratch-resistant sapphire engagement ring

If you’re looking for a memorable and practical 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry gift, get your partner something they can wear every day – a scratch-resistant sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire is the perfect gift because it is known to be one of the most durable gemstones. The hardness on the Mohs scale of sapphire measures 9. It will stand up to even metal tools without scratching, making it an excellent choice for a 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry piece that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

These rings are so hardy that they never require maintenance or repairs. Some items may scratch them, but there’s no fear of them falling apart with normal wear. These lovely items will never need to be repaired or replaced, so you won’t have to worry about that! It’s easy to see why scratch-resistant sapphire engagement rings make such a thoughtful and valuable 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry gift. Many would purchase a functional, permanent piece rather than replace their bauble every few years.

Don’t think that scratch-resistant sapphire engagement rings cost more than regular gems. Scratch-resistant sapphire is often less expensive because the manufacturing process uses fewer resources and eliminates any risk of depreciation due to damage. Scratch-resistant sapphire offers exceptional protection against everyday use and prolonged exposure to high heat sources like fireplaces or ovens. You’ll love knowing that you see something beautifully crafted – not poorly manufactured when you look at your hand.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


06. Diamond halo rings

A diamond halo ring symbolizes eternity and is the perfect gift for your spouse as you celebrate your 10 year wedding anniversary. Diamonds represent a forever commitment, so a diamond halo will have deep meaning and reflect how much your marriage means to you. Halo rings also work well because they accentuate the center stone beautifully, adding a hint of diamond radiance to the band.

Diamonds are also an excellent gift for in-store jewelry purchases because you can get them monogrammed! Of course, a diamond halo ring is just one option when searching for 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry. Many styles and settings are available depending on what type of diamond halo ring you’re looking for. There’s no shortage of options, so don’t worry about having to purchase last-minute gifts at the last minute! If you want to ensure that everything from your diamond halo ring to the anniversary cards is ready beforehand, consider contacting a jeweler near you.

Many of them provide free consultations during which you may learn about the various settings for diamond halo rings and the different diamond shapes and metal options. Because diamonds may be found in multiple forms and dimensions, purchasing a diamond halo ring for someone else requires careful consideration. Some people prefer round diamonds, while others prefer princess-cut or heart-shaped diamonds.

Regardless of the type of diamond cut your partner prefers, there should be plenty of options, including platinum Diamond Halo Rings and yellow gold Diamond Halo Rings. Some stores even offer custom engraving on their diamond halo rings, making it possible to create personalized anniversary messages that speak to each other’s personalities!

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


07. Colorful diamond rings

The color of diamond rings is not always clear when people search for 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry. Those with rose gold or platinum engagement ring would do well to consider one of the new colors available such as pink, blue, or yellow diamond rings. Other options include colored gemstones set in a white gold band. These gemstones can offer the same sparkle and shine as diamonds but are more affordable over time due to their lower replacement cost.

In choosing the suitable color stone for your 10-year anniversary, you may also want to consider how large your diamond ring will be and where it will be located on your finger. If this 10th anniversary is celebrating your 20th anniversary, then getting a simple pair of stud earrings would make sense as they are generally smaller than traditional solitaire diamond rings.

Diamond necklaces and bracelets also make great 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry gift ideas because they will have sentimental value while allowing the recipient to show off their sparkling new jewel. Once you know what type of stones they prefer, what style they like, and what price range they’re comfortable spending within, then narrowing down the list should be easy!

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


08. Halo diamond engagement rings

What extra could you possibly want from a beautiful piece of jewelry to mark your wedding anniversary? One of the best things about a 10 year anniversary ring is that they can contain diamonds that are just as beautiful as those in an engagement ring. Halo diamond engagement rings will show the way the diamond shimmers with even more brilliance than usual because they are layered around and under the center stone.

There are many different types of diamonds, depending on your tastes and budget. Halo diamond engagement rings are also available in various carat weights, so you can create one to suit you best! If your 10 years feel like yesterday, maybe consider showing it with a gemstone instead of a diamond for something truly unique. Gems can be chosen based on your style or your spouse’s.

Perhaps you’re looking for something traditional, or you’re seeking an emerald cut halo diamond engagement ring; Whatever your tastes, there is undoubtedly a piece of 10 year anniversary jewelry out there that is ideal for the two of you. A ruby halo diamond engagement ring might fit the bill if you’re looking for a festive mood-setter. A silver band halo diamond engagement ring would complement any bride’s beauty. With gorgeous rose gold-plated pieces or chic white gold creations, depending on your spouse’s preference, show them how much you value them.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas


09. Solitaire diamond rings for ladies

Diamonds are typically the main focus of any anniversary, and 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry should be no different. Solitaire diamond rings for ladies are a great option to celebrate this significant milestone. Diamonds symbolize eternal love, a shining reminder of your commitment to one another.

This is also an opportunity to introduce her to some more intricately cut diamonds as an expression of how much you value her love for you over the years, which can only get better with time and experience. Some other gorgeous options that make excellent 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry are ruby engagement rings and emerald earrings. Consider sapphire pendants or yellow gold cufflinks if these pieces aren’t your style. The right amount of 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry will say so much about the depth of feeling you have for each other after all these years together.

When looking for 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry, there’s always a balance between something old (traditional) and something new (unique). Solitaire diamond rings for ladies or women work well because they tend to be classic yet timeless in their design. They might not necessarily change styles like fashion, but they offer endless possibilities regarding what stone and metal combinations can be used.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Ideas



The 10 year anniversary is one of the more nostalgic milestones in a marriage. Celebrating with 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry can make your spouse feel special. As you might imagine, choosing the right piece can be overwhelming. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. These 10th-anniversary gift ideas will make selecting the perfect 10 year wedding anniversary jewelry for the two of you more accessible.

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