10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston to Try Right Now

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston. It’s easy to find Mexican restaurants in Houston – the city has over 4,000 of them, after all! But these ten are some of the best you can visit if you want an authentic experience and quality, flavorful food.

If you’re craving delectable, authentic Mexican food and are wondering where you can get it, look no further than Houston’s ten restaurants. Whether you’re looking for quesadillas or tacos, there’s a restaurant here that serves the type of Mexican food you love the most, making any of these spots the best Mexican restaurants in Houston.


01. The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

Ninfa’s on Navigation is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Houston, and for a good reason. The restaurant has been serving Tex-Mex favorites since 1973, and it’s only improved with time. The menu features all your favorite dishes, from enchiladas and tacos to quesadillas and fajitas. And don’t forget the margaritas.

Ninfa’s on Navigation is the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal with friends or family. To get a table first before the masses arrive, arrive early. If you’re looking for something even more laid back, try Tacos A Go Go on Washington Avenue. There’s not much seating here, so grab your food and head elsewhere (maybe to nearby Discovery Green) to eat al fresco.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


02. Xochi

Xochi is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston, and it’s no wonder why – the food is fantastic. The restaurant is run by chef Hugo Ortega, born and raised in Mexico City. He brings his authentic Mexican cuisine to Xochi, using only the freshest ingredients.

The menu features classic dishes like mole poblano and enchiladas and unique creations like blue corn pancakes with duck confit. Whatever you order, you’re sure to be impressed by the flavor and quality of the food at Xochi. Additionally, the restaurant offers a lovely terrace where you may eat outside. If you have time for a day trip, head out early for breakfast or brunch and make it a full-day adventure.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


03. Hugo’s

Hugo’s is consistently voted one of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston, and it’s easy to see why. The menu features both traditional Mexican dishes and more modern fare, all of which are executed flawlessly. The atmosphere is casual yet chic, making it perfect for a date night or dinner with friends. The service is always attentive and professional, without being stuffy or overbearing.
It’s impossible not to feel at home here; we challenge you not to find something you love on the extensive menu.

Hugo’s has a long list of taster plates so that people who don’t know much about Mexican food can try as many more dishes as they can during their visit.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


04. El Tiempo Cantina

If you are looking for some of the best Tex-Mex cuisines in Houston, look no further than El Tiempo Cantina. This local favorite has been serving mouthwatering dishes for years and shows no signs of slowing down. From enchiladas and tamales to fajitas and margaritas, El Tiempo Cantina has something for everyone.

And with locations all over the city, you’re never far from a delicious meal. Don’t forget to try their signature dish – an authentic taco dinner complete with six handmade corn tortillas stuffed with grilled beef or shredded chicken, salsa Fresca, guacamole, rice, and beans.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


05. Mestizo

There is a solid reason why Mestizo is often ranked as one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in Houston. The cuisine is outstanding, and the restaurant has a vibrant and enjoyable vibe. The menu features all your favorite Mexican dishes, plus some unique specialties you won’t find anywhere else. The staff is amiable, welcoming, and always happy to help you find the perfect word for your taste. The rates are fair, particularly considering the quality of the provided cuisine.

Mestizo is located in a great spot downtown, so it’s easy to get to no matter where you’re coming from. Mestizo is the restaurant to visit if you want to partake in a dining experience representative of Mexican culture. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Mexico as soon as you walk through the door. It’s also conveniently located in downtown Houston, which makes it a quick stop on your way home or before heading out for the night on the town.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


06. Soto’s Cantina y Cocina

As one of Houston’s top 10 Mexican restaurants, Soto’s Cantina y Cocina is a must-try. The restaurant is known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, and its menu features traditional favorites like enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas. The Cantina has a full bar with an extensive list of tequilas and margaritas.

For those looking for a truly authentic experience, Soto’s is the place to go. With dishes made from scratch every day, there’s no doubt you’ll be satisfied. It’s easy to see why this is one of Houston’s top 10 Mexican restaurants. From their delicious, homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsa to their incredible selection of margaritas and entrees, there are many great things about this restaurant that make it worth visiting.

From enchiladas and burritos to tamales, taco salads, guacamole, and more, whatever your craving maybe – it can probably be found on the menu at Soto’s! All in all, it’s a top choice for anyone who loves Mexican food or wants to try something new!

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


07. La Calle Doce

You absolutely cannot go to Houston without trying La Calle Doce! It is the best restaurant on this list and is many people’s top pick. For one, they have some of the most authentic and freshest tasting food around. Their salsa is fantastic, and their tacos are unmatched by any other place on this list.

Plus, you will love their drinks! They have a great selection of cocktails and an extensive beer list that includes everything from local beers to imports from Mexico. The waitstaff is also friendly and attentive, so your experience will be enjoyable. Overall, La Calle Doce offers up a fantastic experience that you won’t soon forget, so make sure to put it at the top of your bucket list.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


08. Irma’s Southwest Grill

Irma’s Southwest Grill is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston and has been serving authentic Tex-Mex cuisine since 1980. The restaurant is well-known for its big servings and tasty food, and there’s something on the menu for everyone. Try the shrimp or salmon tacos if you’re searching for a lighter choice. For something heartier, the chicken-fried steak or enchiladas are both excellent choices. And don’t forget to order a margarita – they’re some of the best in town.

If you’re looking for Mexican restaurants in Houston serving authentic and delicious dishes, you must try Irma’s, Southwest Grill. This restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. The atmosphere is fun and festive, making it the perfect spot for a night out with friends. For excellent food and an enjoyable evening, head to Irma’s Southwest Grill.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


09. Condesa Coffee

Condesa Coffee is a great place to start your day in the heart of Houston. The pastries are outstanding, and the coffee is of the highest quality. All of your needs will be met by the pleasant and efficient staff. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and it’s easy to spend a few hours here.

They have a great food selection, including breakfast tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and more. The prices are reasonable, and you can get a lot of food for your money. Condesa Coffee is worth checking out if you’re looking for a great Mexican restaurant in Houston. The restaurant has a comprehensive menu with a broad selection of meals, and the staff members will do their very good to assist you in locating anything on the menu that satisfies your preferences. It’s not hard to find good Mexican restaurants in Houston, but this one is one of the best!

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


10. Café Artemis

Café Artemis is the place to go if you want to eat a natural, delicious Mexican meal. This hotel is known for its excellent food, helpful staff, and fun atmosphere. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. Café Artemis is the best place to grab a quick bite or sit down for a complete meal.

They have tacos, quesadillas, chimichangas, tortas and more! And if you’re craving something sweet after your meal, don’t worry! They offer coffee and dessert too. With all this awesome stuff going on here at Café Artemis – it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston



In conclusion, these are the ten best Mexican restaurants in Houston that you need to try now. Each restaurant offers something unique, traditional Mexican cuisine or a modern twist on classic dishes. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore all that Houston has to offer! The ten best Mexican restaurants in Houston listed above will not disappoint.

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