Most Expensive Fruit in the World: How Much Does It Cost in 2022?

Most Expensive Fruit in the World

Most Expensive Fruit in the World. So, you think you know everything about fruit? Think again! We’re talking about rare, unusual, and expensive fruits that most people wouldn’t even dream of putting on their grocery list. But if you were to try some of these once-in-a-lifetime fruits from around the world, how much would they cost? To find out, read on below to see our list of the top 10 most expensive fruits in the world!


01. Yubari King Melon – Japan

The Yubari King Melon is the most expensive fruit in the world. This melon is grown in Yubari, Japan, and can cost up to $50,000 per fruit. A combination of two cantaloupe species, the Yubari King Melon has a sweet flavor and a lot of sugar. The melon is often given as a gift in Japan and is considered a luxury item.

Only around one hundred Yubari King Melons are successfully cultivated each year, and they are hard to find outside Japan. It takes six years of cultivation to produce this melon before the first harvest is ready. One should wait three months after picking fruit to consume it.

When selecting which one you want to buy, you should check for any cracks or scars on the skin and that there is no water or bruising. It would be best if you also ensured that there is no mold on the rinds or any spots inside the meat. You will also want to ensure that when you cut into the flesh, there is no green tinge indicating a lack of ripeness, sweetness, or freshness.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


02. White truffle – Alba, Italy

Another most expensive fruit in the world is the white truffle, found in Alba, Italy. A truffle can cost upwards of $3,000 per pound, making it one of the most expensive foods in the world. The white truffle is prized for its unique flavor and aroma, which are said to be unlike any other food. While many consider the white truffle a delicacy, others find its taste unappealing.

Regardless of your opinion on its taste, there’s no denying that the white truffle is a truly unique and fantastic fruit. In addition to being among the most expensive fruits in the world, it is also among the rarest. Finding these delicate fungi is difficult, but if you ever get a chance to eat them- don’t pass up this opportunity! They’re worth every penny. A recent survey showed it was among the most expensive fruits in the world and among the rarest (about 150 tons of Alba white truffles are found each year).

If you love good food and have some money to spare, eating a White Truffle would be an unforgettable experience. They’ll remain exclusive and expensive items with a low yield rate (150 tons yearly). White Truffles were always meant to be eaten raw – after all, their taste depends mainly on how they are cooked or served. For example, once cooked, they lose their delicious aroma and become dull and unremarkable compared to when served raw with cheese or eggs.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


03. Ruby Roman grapes – France

The Ruby Roman grape is among the most costly fruits found anywhere on the globe. These grapes are grown in France and are said to be some of the best-tasting grapes in the world. A single grape can cost up to $5,000, making them one of the most expensive fruits. The grapes’ exquisite taste and limited availability also contributed to the price tag. If you’re looking for a genuinely luxurious fruit experience, then Ruby Roman grapes are worth the splurge. You’ll have to find them yourself because they’re not sold at many grocery stores, but if you have a chance to purchase these delicacies, take it! You won’t regret it.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


04. Pomegranate – Iran

The pomegranate is native to Iran and is one of the country’s most popular fruits. It is so popular that it is often called the fruit of paradise. The pomegranate is also one of the most expensive fruits in the world, with a price tag of $100 per fruit. That’s because each pomegranate contains around 600 seeds used to make various products, including juice, syrup, and even cosmetics.

The expense of pomegranates is due to a combination of factors. For one, they are seasonal fruits and are only available during certain times. They don’t bruise easily and have a longer life, so they may be kept without losing quality. Finally, a significant amount of labor is involved in producing each fruit. Farmers must hand-pick each fruit and remove its seeds before sending it to market. Even though this may sound like an easy task, it takes about 30 minutes to extract all the bases from just one pomegranate.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


05. Passionfruit – Colombia

At $30 per kilogram, passionfruit is the other most expensive fruit in the world. The high price is due to its short shelf life and difficulty transporting. Passionfruit is native to Colombia, and most of the crop is grown on small, family-owned farms. The fruit is often used in juices and desserts. When purchasing passionfruit, look for fruits that are heavy for their size and have wrinkled skin. Fruits with soft or dark patches should be avoided.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


06. Watermelons with black seeds, Japan

The Densuke watermelon may cost $6,000 per melon. The watermelons are only grown on the island of Hokkaido in Japan and are so rare that they are often auctioned off. The black seeds are what make this watermelon so special and unique. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these melons, you’ll be in for a treat! You will not only have the bragging rights to state that you have eaten what is generally believed to be the most costly fruit in the world, but the fruit itself has a beautiful flavor.

The Densuke watermelon is considered one of Japan’s most famous exports. Its black seeds make it highly sought after and have led to high bidding on auction sites. The price of these rare watermelons has gone up quite a bit since they were first introduced. These melons are not easy to grow and can only be harvested once a year during an early summer harvest. This means that only 80-100 of these watermelons will be available each year, making them all that much more special and a great find if you can get your hands on one.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


07. Taiyo no Tamago Mango – Japan

The Taiyo no Tamago mango is the most expensive fruit in the world, costing around $3,000 per fruit. The mango is grown in Japan and is only available for a short time each year. The Taiyo no Tamago mango is considered a national treasure in Japan and is often given as a gift to essential guests or dignitaries. The mangoes are rare and expensive because they are hand-pollinated and only grow in specific conditions.

To grow the mangoes, specially trained climbers must climb up the tree at least once daily. They take pollen from male flowers on one branch and transfer it to female flowers on another using a tool that looks like a long brush.

Much care goes into pollinating the trees, which can be difficult due to natural weather changes such as wind or rain storms. A single battery can destroy all of the blooms on the trees. Another challenge is that the fruit’s ripening process can be slowed by high humidity levels, which makes them more susceptible to diseases.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


08. Lost Gardens of Heligan Pineapple – England

The pineapple that fetches the highest price on the market may be found in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England. This pineapple cost £10,000 (about $13,000) and was grown using traditional methods dating back to the 18th century. The pineapple is costly because it takes nearly three years to grow and is only available for a limited time each year. If you’re lucky enough to taste this rare fruit, you’ll enjoy its sweet and fragrant flesh.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


09. Square Watermelon – Japan

The Square Watermelon from Japan. This watermelon costs $21,000 and is grown using a unique mold that gives it its square shape. The watermelon is then sold at auction. The person who pays for the Square Watermelon can keep it as long as they want before eating it. They don’t even have to eat all of it! After buying the Square Watermelon, the buyer can share or eat it alone.

A few years ago, Square Watermelons were first introduced in 2014. They became an instant hit with buyers who wanted to show off their expensive fruit to others. Some people bought them as souvenirs while others treated them like sculptures – putting them on tables or countertops. One woman even made them into chandeliers!

Most Expensive Fruit in the World


10. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries – Japan

The Sembikiya Queen Strawberries are also very expensive, costing up to $5,500 per pound. These strawberries are grown in Japan and are said to have a delicate flavor. They are grown on one plant and take ten years to produce. Only about 500 pounds of these strawberries are produced yearly, and only about 300 or so are exported outside Japan.

The ones that remain in Japan sell for around 100,000 yen (around $900) for three of them. There is no best way to say it than this; Sembikiya Queen Strawberries cost an arm and a leg! Obtain some Sembikiya Queen Strawberries if you’re interested; you might want to make sure you have quite a bit of money in your bank account before purchasing them.

Most Expensive Fruit in the World



The most expensive fruit in the world is not only a rare delicacy, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. If you want to try this unique fruit, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny. In conclusion, the most expensive fruit in the world is a luxurious item that’s not meant for everyone. But if you already have the money to try, why not? You might be surprised by how good it tastes.

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